Beginning Of The Season

Let’s continue our discussion. Then during the Super Bowl a winner is crowned and this person gets to keep the total number amount of dollars that were part of the buy-in total pot at the beginning of the season. Of course the money is nice but the real win is for the bragging rights for all of his friends that he will maintain for the rest of the year and the offseason. Along with these bragging rights are awesome wagers that go along with it. Often the side wagers are goofy in nature and can involve drinking or tattoos or doing some sort of silly stuff. Now let’s discuss the professional side which involves making money.

There is a small fee that is paid to Yahoo sports for posting these amateur games but they do not make a ton of money doing this. The way that you can make money is by daily fantasy games where you pick a team for one day and face off against strangers who also pick a team from one day to match your knowledge and skill. These are often times anonymous and are played from your computer in the same way that you would play online poker. Also the same way there have been a lot of pushback from governments most notably the state of New York saying that the system for this style of play is rigged against the average user with the presence of powerful supercomputers and algorithms that are able to play and win more often than the average user. There’s also allegations that the people who work in the offices of the major sports betting in fantasy football companies are trading Insider information about trades and Player information that the average user does not have.

The most recent development in this case has been the banning of this sort of fantasy football for pay in the state of New York. This is especially embarrassing for the companies that do this because they are headquartered in New York City and now you can’t even play the game where their headquarters. I have tried playing this and it was very fun but I definitely lost all my money very quickly but I was able to play and not have to deal with a commitment of an entire season in order to have the satisfaction of playing fantasy football. This is the big draw is that you have instant gratification and are able to play in fantasy football game and test your skill and knowledge against other players and get in quick and is the result. Means of making money is pretty dubious however and even though they promised making hundreds or thousands of dollars it is often not the case as with most of these sorts of scenarios. The state of fantasy football in 2016 is one of intense interest and popularity. The growth has not only been in standard football fans which tennis female but also a very healthy and growing female segment of fans who want to be in on the action and a part of the excitement. If you’re interested in fantasy football I suggest you get your friends together and started we go find friends of yours are already in a way that you can join. Don’t enter a fantasy football league that you can afford and make sure that you are always doing it with enough money that you don’t mind losing. But don’t forget that the point of all this is to have fun! Fantasy football is for everyone and nobody should be excluded.

Match Ups

Once the draft is finished then nothing happens until the season begins and the first game of the season is played the only thing to happen in this intervening period is the assignment of a team schedule. The team’s schedule is very important and this is determined randomly where every week a different team is matched up against another team in the in your week. This assignment then creates matchup for each weekend where are your fantasy team goes head-to-head with fantasy team of one of the other members of your week. In this way even if you have a lot of people in a league you will play only one other opponent for week. this matchup scenario is what gives the game of fantasy football its flavor and excitement. The big reason that a lot of people enjoy playing fantasy football is for the trash-talking their cars with each match up. because it’s not sure it’s one of the players with their teams against another player on their team there is plenty of opportunity for trash-talking ahead of time because the schedule is laid out at a time.

Now let’s discuss how you play and what do we defend the strategy. This strategy always has to come inside with the result which is the best your opponent on point. To do this you need to be up on your research for what players are active and healthy and which players are not. This is a game based on statistics where if a player is doing well and his statistics are up and she gets more points and a player who isn’t or is playing out as well. In this regard this is a game based solely on statistics where every player is assigned a numerical point system for his performance on the field every single week. Every week a manager of a fantasy team has to play or bench his squad depending on who is doing well and who he thinks is going to do well. It is always important to make sure that you are fielding a full roster and a full team of players so that you don’t miss out on points. If you do not feel that the whole roster then you will get a zero for the player instead of whatever points he would have made for you.

However if the player hurts himself then you are out of luck and that player gets a zero for the week. In this way just like in a regular team you are restricted by the performance and the element of chance from week to week. Also just like the real NFL there is a trade system. I trade system is where one player can be switched from one owners team to another in exchange for another pair. Just like in the pros and the NFL there is a deadline associated with this as well. These trades can be made between any of the members of the league with each other as long as they fall within the rules and sanctions set out by the league ahead of time. Fantasy leagues can often devolved into trash talking sessions between the players and this is often the most fun part of the experience.

I remember I was in a fantasy league for the first time with a bunch of friends from college. These are all guys that have been playing in the same fantasy week for a long time together and I was a new person. They were all very friendly but also very aggressive when it came time to play. They would often give me advice when I would be in a matchup against one of their rifles and they would try to give me inside information so that I would beat their rival. In so doing this they actually gave me such an advantage that I got second place in the week even without having a ton of insider information about football or the week in general.


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High Dollar Industry

Fantasy football has evolved from a friendly competition between friends into a multibillion-dollar industry. Let us further breakdown how this evolved and why. So groups of friends were getting together on message boards like Yahoo sports and creating brackets and competing in fantasy leagues. This led to websites like AOL and Yahoo to develop their own system for registering and paying for each game of fantasy football. It is important before we go any further to break down exactly how fantasy football works and how the game is played. Fantasy football happens when a group of people usually more than six but less than twelve get together and each person puts money into a communal pot.

This wager is what everyone is competing over ostensibly. Also what everyone is really competing over is bragging rights as this is the end most important thing that anyone can win. This is why often fantasy football was and still is computed over by groups a friends who are friendly and know one another and therefore can trash talk during each match. Once everyone has paid then on a given day there is a draft. Draft day is one of the most important days in the fantasy football calendar as it is the day when everyone chooses the members of their team that they want on their fantasy football team. The way that this works is that every eligible player in the NFL is published on this day and therefore every eligible player has a chance to be recruited by every single fantasy football team . Of course this is our limited to the position that each player plays in real life. For instance if I were to be recruiting and filling up my fantasy football team I would not be able to take a player who plays the quarterback position and draft him as a running back position. You need to fill out a roster including offense and defense where every single position is filled by a player who filled that position in real life. The weight of the draft works is the same that a draft works in real life in that the week each team owner goes around one by one making a choice in a round-robin fashion.

Once you have selected a player then the next person in line goes and you follow this order until everyone’s roster is full. You can choose a player from any real life team as long as no one else has already chosen that player. There is very much research that goes into the process before the draft day happens so that every team owner and manager has as much information about the quality of the players that they want going into the draft. Now is a good time to discuss the role of research and statistics and player information that goes hand-in-hand with fantasy football. The rise of fantasy football coincides not only with the rise of the internet but also with the ubiquity of ESPN and also live updates on smartphones. With these advancements in technology and round the clock news and information on not only a player’s health but also their performance, fantasy football causes the everyday casual player to become a student and an expert in the ins-and-outs of a football the same way that a seasoned wager in horse racing would become an expert in horseflesh knowing how to read scouting reports and the health and Prospects of any given player. So too has fantasy football changed the nature of watching professional sports from one of passion or interest into a bookish and somewhat nerdy pursuit all about statistics and scouting reports and player injuries and comparative analysis. But let us continue our discussion of the process of a game of fantasy football.

Life Of Millions

Fantasy football is a way of life for millions of Americans and fans of football in the United States but also abroad. Fantasy football’s reach has gone into Canada and the rest of English-speaking world as well as in multiple languages across the world as well. Fantasy football used to be only the area of expertise of predominantly male football fans and was restricted only to season-long games between friends and office mates or collections of football fans that would be online. Fantasy football began in the 1990s when the advent of the internet and its adoption into millions of American homes made communities of sports fans accessible to one another in a venue to discuss their love of football amongst other things of course.

Message boards on different websites like AOL and Yahoo is where football fans would gather to discuss their the love of the sport and also discuss these boards finer points in detail. Before the internet there were only in radio talk shows which were mediated through the host of the show. Other than that the only time you could have a community of sports fans would be in real life at the football game or perhaps at a bar. Your group of friends would get together on the weekends to watch the game on TV and discuss the details. However the internet was able to close the distance between fans and bring them together in ways like never before. Now with the internet sports fans and lovers of football could get together on a regular basis and discussed who they thought was the best player and also their prediction for upcoming games. Of course given the competitive nature of football and its fans it’s not surprising that eventually this increased communication and exchanging of ideas and predictions eventually led to the creation of a game that would harness this lightning fast instantaneous communication technology with the intense knowledge and competitiveness of fans of the NFL . The concept of a fantasy team is exactly what it sounds like.

A fantasy team would be all of the best players at each different position all the same time but across different teams. So if you could put together a team made up of the best quarterback and the best wide receiver and the best tackle and the best center et cetera then conceivably you would have the greatest team of all time. This fantasy concept began with baseball as it is the most position focus of all of the major sports. It’s true that basketball and hockey and football also have very regimented positions as well but given the statistical basis and nature of baseball it is not surprising that this is the one that is taken off the fastest. Not only that but the NFL is far and away the most watched and most followed professional sport in the United States and has the most fanatical and by far the largest fan base as well. The evolution from a friendly concept to a multibillion-dollar industry did not happen overnight.

First the first fantasy football games were friendly competitions with small wagers between groups of friends on message boards. They would set up their own brackets and organize their own games with their own pools and on payouts. There was no take for the host of the game and it’s actually a recent development that the host of the fantasy football game keeps a portion of the pot as a fee for hosting. These were only a way for groups of fans of the game to compete in a friendly way about who had more expertise per week. But this has caused a huge evolution in the way that the game is watched and followed and even covered by the news agencies that called the game and display them. In the next blog post we will further breakdown the theory and evolution of fantasy sports especially fantasy football as it moved further into the 21st century.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is not just the realm of sports experts or die-hard football fans anymore. Fantasy football is now popular with all demographics and has a growing following among women as well. Fantasy football is a phenomenon that has grown into a multibillion-dollar business and has revolutionized the way that people watch football and also how they engage with the sport. In these blog posts we will analyze the phenomenon of fantasy football as well as offer some tips and insights for the newbie or the seasoned fantasy football player. Before we begin let’s talk about how fantasy football came about and its evolution over time. Fantasy football started as a way of capitalizing on the footbll culture for die-hard fans of the game. It originally started as a way of organizing an all-star team for those who were extremely knowledgeable about the sport and wanted to showcase their knowledge and expertise and especially brag to their friends.

Fantasy football originally began as a inside football phenomenon where only people with extensive knowledge of players and staff could access it. It actually began as fantasy baseball first, where the idea of putting together a lineup of players that you thought would be the best and then following the statistics became a way of showcasing your knowledge and also your expertise in the sport to your friends. Fantasy Baseball is still popular but fantasy football has surpassed by far in terms of numbers and popularity. since then it has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry and has millions of users. Oftentimes the fantasy football  will occur between friends or officemates where they pull together a group of people and buy it and then they’ll compete weekly in matchups between two of the members of each fantasy football group. However the idea of fantasy football has grown outside of friend groups and office pools and moved on to online where people can compete against strangers for money to see who is the best.

This evolution from small social phenomenon to a money making online phenomenon has been swift and also very lucrative for the sports betting sites that do this. Fantasy football has moved beyond just a pastime for friends and moved on to a multibillion-dollar business where millions of trades happen per day and hundreds of millions of dollars change hands and are betted and lost every season. There are now even new evolutions in the way that fantasy football is laid out. Usually you would have to wait until the end of the season to know who had won and who would be the champion. But now there are daily fantasy football games where you can enter a fantasy football team and match up for a particular week and then pit yourself against other football experts to see which of you has chosen the best team.

This has become very controversial and we will discuss this in more blog post. in certain states like New York this has been challenged in the courts as a form of betting because there has been allegations of rigging and cheating. There are algorithms that are able to run scenarios and probabilities and give insiders an unfair advantage in this game. We will discuss these in later blog post as well as discuss how fantasy football works as well as some tips. If you’re considering starting fantasy football it is important that you first educate yourself and become knowledgeable about the team’s players and most importantly the way that the game works. It is a good sentence with complicated game that involves creating a team and then managing it week to week. We will delve into the strategies in later blog posts.